WEG-CESTARI launches new industrial gearbox platform

The new WCG50 gearboxes are versatile, reliable, and have a modular design, which allows them to be used in a wide range of applications in the most diverse segments, such as mining, steelmaking, sugar and ethanol, fertilizers, and cellulose and paper. 

Efficiency and modularity in a versatile solution

The modular and split housings were designed to facilitate maintenance and assembly in the most diverse working positions. The 2-stage models have finned casings, offering better thermal dissipation and oil circulation, providing longer life to its components. 

The gearing, with optimized tooth profile, has been specially developed to reduce noise levels and increase durability and efficiency. Available with parallel and orthogonal shafts in R and T shapes, it has a greater variety of sizes with better torque distribution and fewer components, offered in two, three, and four-stage gear ratios from 6.3 to 450 and a torque of 22 kNm to 92 kNm.

Modular in design, singular in performance

Designed with a modular motor flange, it allows for a greater number of motors with fewer components, is able to receive a fan, and has optional coupling for classified areas. Available with single and double ended solid output shaft, hollow shaft with keyway or shrink disk.

Designed with standard coil thread and cartridge-type heater, dipstick-type oil level and VITON retainers, and with standard forced lubrication and cooling SKID.

A reference in manufacturing high-efficiency gearboxes in Brazil, this launch is one more of the versatile and efficient solutions with the WEG-CESTARI guarantee and reliability.

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