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 – High-performance and energy-efficient solutions, WEG frequency inverters use cutting-edge technology for the speed variation of three-phase induction motors. Presenting a modern design and easy installation, they can be used in different industry segments, streamlining operations and contributing to the environment conservation.

– Using high technology, WEG soft-starters were designed to ensure the best performance for each application, offering resources that enable to start, stop and protect electric motors in a simple and efficient way.

 Panel Boards 

 – we provide businesses with the electrical and power solutions needed, to help operate a place and revive it by providing low voltage panels and automation solutions. 

– The Production Team along with the Supply Chain make sure that all the needed components are in the warehouse, and if not, they contact the Purchase Team to purchase any missing items

 – Behind every project is a big team of professionals who handle every detail for the ideal delivery

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Index power solutions

(IPS) provides electric systems and solutions to cover Egyptian market on Infrastructure , Power & water Industryand Oil &gas


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