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Light Current System

  • Optimize Energy consumptions, giving visibility on operation costs and Maintenance works. Giving Organizations/individuals full control and guide them in taking right decisions in era of digitalization, by providing customizable Dashboards and assisted actions through intuitive interface and robust systems:
    • Building Management System
    • Lighting Control System
    • Home Automation
    • Leak Detection
    • Energy Optimization

Physical Security Systems

  • Secure your asset through integrated systems, that adopts with operation dynamics without sacrificing security concerns. Whether individual or integrated systems, IPS has wide spectrum of offering including:
  • Video surveillance
  • Access Control for Enterprise, Commercial, and Homes
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
  • Under-Vehicle Inspection
  • IP Intercom
  • digitalize your organization, collaborate with your team and customers, by the most innovative infrastructure that serves different Markets like, O&G, Enterprise, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. From Cloud based solution to robust and scalable solution that fits different applications and purposes:
  • Audio Visual
  • Public Address
  • Meeting rooms collaboration
  • Data networks

Critical Communication

Life Safety

  • protecting what matters for people, assets, and secure business continuity. Following regulation and international standards to protect high valued assets, and create safe places to work, learn, live, and more.
  • Fire Alarm
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Fire Suppression
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