Artemobili is the first company participating in the Bonus Motor project

Today, Artemobili is one of the largest solid wood furniture industries in Brazil, located in Rio Grande do Sul, in the municipality of Nova Prata. With an area of 40,000 m2, it has modern machinery and high-performance equipment.

Even in such a challenging period, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the company was the first to join the Bonus Motor, an initiative of the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), coordinated by CPFL Energy and operated by WEG, which encourages the Exchange of low-efficiency electric motors, in operation, with more modern and economical motors, with a discount of up to 40%.

More efficient motors: greater energy savings for the industry

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Artemobili completed all stages of the project, which included a data, technical, and non-compliance evaluation. The acquisition of the motor at one of the registered points of sale – such as Automasul, a WEG resale in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, proof of installation of the new motor to replace the old one and finally receive the discount from CPFL and WEG when picking up the old motor. To participate, the old three-phase induction motors were within the project criteria, which are: have power between 1 and 250 cv, be 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles, manufactured until 2009 and must operate at least 4,320 hours a year.

This is how Artemobili replaced several old motors, which were between 18 and 21 years old, with new and more efficient W22 IR3 Premium motors from WEG, thus reducing electrical costs and increasing the reliability of their production. The new equipment will operate on the company’s exhaust systems.

Financial economics

In this supply, the client obtained a 35% discount on the purchase of 13 new motors, from the W22 IR3 Premium line, which comply with the new minimum performance level for low voltage electric motors in Brazil, in force since August, 30th 2019.

In general, the estimated savings potential is 9.09%, which is equivalent to the average consumption of 72 households in Brazil. By reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, Artemobili always seeks new means, techniques and technologies to improve the relationship with the environment, such as participating in the Bonus Motor:

We joined the Bonus Motor in partnership with Automasul and WEG, improving our exhaust system, replacing 13 old/reconditioned low-performance motors with new high-efficiency motors, such as the W22 IR3 Premium, generating a significant reduction in energy, consumption, noise and maintenance cost” reports Rafael Nadal Zanin, Artemobili Maintenance Supervisor.

The company now has an energy saving of 130,158.47 kWh/year, the amortization is in 1 year and 6 months with an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of 87.25% and VPL (Net Present Value) of R$ 187.955,58

All these benefits were possible through the follow-up of Automasul, Integrated Resale WEG, which followed all the stages of the project with the client, from the collection of technical data, presentation of results and the conclusion of the motor change plan.

For WEG, operating a program such as Bonus Motor, in alliance with CPFL Energy, is another source of pride, since the program will allow the exchange of more than thousands of electric motors, contributing to the increase in energy efficiency rates in São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. Eligible CPFL and RGE customers can still register consumer units and register projects for electric motor replacement through the website



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